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{Rachel & Scott} Clucuz Lake Engagement Session

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When we met with Rachel and Scott we were discussing the Engagement session and why we do them.. YES it is nice to have the images to use as your guest book at the wedding.. but it is also a GREAT opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera. We ALWAYS have SO much fun doing these sessions.. but when you get to do it with old friends its even sweeter. Right away we all thought that the best location for this session would be at Rachel’s family cabin out on Clucuz lake. It is a place where they love to spend their spare time and we love it out there too so we decided to make a night of it. We went for an awesome little walk around the area and finished the session with some campfire s’mores and man were they delicious.

We loved every second of this weekend with these two and can’t wait to share their wedding day images!!Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_112Untitled-4 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_211 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_201 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_200 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_199 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_120Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_189Untitled-32c

Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_188 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_183 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_182 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_180 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_179 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_176 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_171 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_166 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_163Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_144 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_135Untitled-32 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_128

Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_216Untitled-3Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_111Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_107 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_106 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_105 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_84 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_79 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_73 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_64 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_54 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_52 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_47 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_32 Rachel&ScottyBRingPhotography_15 with you !


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