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Pati + Steve’s Puerto Vallarta Wedding – Part II

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Well… Here it it… Part II of Pati + Steve’s Wedding Blog. If you have not seen Part I Click Here!

We have been SOOO excited to share these images with everyone. It was such a privilege to be a part of this wedding. Watching our close friends tie the knot in Mexico would have been awesome.. but getting to capture it for them was the BEST EVER!

We had some of the most beautiful locations to work with and the bridal party was so awesome! We made so many new friends while we were there and some pretty amazing memories. ┬áTyler and I had hiked around PV a few days before the wedding trying to find some cool “off resort” locations to use for the day after session. We walked for about 3 hours and were feeling pretty stumped. We had a few neat spots but nothing was really “wowing” us, and then we found a little market and suspension bridge down by the river… a perfect combination of beautiful scenery and some fun “urban” locations too!

To view (and download any images) the entire collection click on the link below:


(stay tuned for venue and apparel info)

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