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Pati + Steve’s Puerto Vallarta Wedding – Part I

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When I received a package in the mail from Fort St. Jonh I was a tad confused. I know one of my besties lives up there.. but why a package for me? It instantly made me feel special and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. A beautifully decorated shoebox with photos of Pati and I from days past, candy, and a balloon with a pin taped to it labeled “pop me.” Now if any of you know me you know I am not a fan of popping balloons… but because I love Pati I just sucked it up and popped the balloon. All at once my face, hands, and practically entire kitchen was covered by a cloud of glitter. ¬†Literally a glitter explosion all over my home… I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt! amongst all this crazy confetti and glitter storm was a teensy note all rolled up that read “will you be my wedding photographer?”

This is SO Pati’s style, even something as simple as asking a friend to photograph her wedding took so much thought and time to prepare. She took the time to print out some cute photos of us, buy some yummy candy to sweeten the deal, decorate a box, stuff as much glitter as humanly possible into a balloon, insert the note and mail it all to me instead of the usual text, email or phone call! She is one of the sweetest most genuine souls I have ever known. Pati and I were classmates during our dental hygiene studies here in Prince George and we have shared some pretty incredible memories since then. I could go ON and ON about Pati and I and how much I love her but this is really not about us, it is about her love for her new husband Steve.

Steve and Pati are one of “those” couples, you know, the ones that everyone knows have been together since high school and they are still crazy in love with one another. ¬†Seeing them have their dream wedding this spring at the Now Amber resort in Puerto Vallarta was such an amazing experience. Tyler and I had SO much fun participating in this wedding and would like to thank EVERY single guest that attended for being so amazing with Emory (our at the time 3mo old baby). We have so many images from this wedding that we will be sharing the images in two separate posts just to keep everyone on their toes.
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