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Pam+Shawn {Cranbrook Hill Engagement session}

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Pam and Shawn are going to tie the knot in Prince George fall 2015 up on beautiful Cranbrook Hill. They were our first 2015 couple to scoop us up and we have been excited to share their Engagement session since we met them this August.
The tricky thing was we shot the E-Session at the same location where the wedding will be held.. normally this would be something that we would not really want to do as not to “waste” any sweet spots before the big day… but this location is so incredibly diverse and beautiful we would be able to shoot for days here and never have to re-use any spots.

We can not wait for the big day but in the mean time, please take a peek at some of our fav’s from the sun-drenched E-session with Pam and Shawn.

PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography02 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography06 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography13PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography17 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography18 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography21 bloggie PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography30PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography26 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography32 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography35 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography43 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography51 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography55 4x8.6PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography90 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography62 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography58 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography59PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography91 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography38 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography35 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography34 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography69 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography68 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography78 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography85 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography86 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography82 PamandShawn_Engaged_BRingPhotography84


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