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How to Prepare for a Photo Session

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I find myself always writing and re-writing these same few tips for clients when preparing for an engagement session or family portrait session … SO… in order to save myself from writing this out again and again.. I figure the smart thing to do would be to create a post and reference the link .. so here goes

Things to consider before the day of your session…

  • when deciding what to bring/wear you need to think about where the photos will be taken (or where you want them to be taken) i.e. in the city “urban” style photos, at home in your own space, or out in the forrest ie. mud/trails… so if you want to wear those amazing heels please by all means bring them but maybe throw them in a bag and slip on a pair of flats to get to the location if we decide on something a little more off the grid for your session (which often happens) Also bringing warm clothes to wear “between shots” if you are wanting to wear something that is unseasonable for the weather …
  • decide if you want a theme or “Story” to tell with your images.. this can help with location planning and ideas for what props if any we should have on hand. For example, if you are planning an engagement session.. bringing things that pertain to you and your relationship or going somewhere that is meaningful to you …. if it is a family session.. having an activity planned that we can capture as you partake is always a fun way to capture you kids without having to bargain for more photos of them

How to choose what to wear/bring ….. we always say variety is the spice of life!

  •  it is always good to have OPTIONS … we love to have a couple of ideas to work with when we are out shooting. Typically we suggest bringing a couple different tops for the guys in the photos that are complimentary to what you (ladies) will be wearing.. not “matchy matchy” but no crazy logos or brand names showing or clashing patterns if you are choosing to wear a pattern yourself… don’t get me wrong.. patterns are wonderful but not when there are 30 different patterns going on..
  • MORE SPECIFICS ON “OUTFITS” ok.. so first off pick a colour that will compliment the season… I love bright and poppy colours but in the fall .. maybe more earthy autumn tones are sometimes more appropriate (again depending on location). It is always nice to choose two or three colours that compliment each other and plan outfits from there or even the same colour but different shades of that colour. If everyone shows up wearing the same colour/pattern that can really overwhelm a photo. Having troubles finding ideas? Pinterest is a fantastic resource with ideas and storyboards showing how to group colors and pick a variety of outfits that will tie everything together beautifully.
  • NAILS… Ladies, please please please clean em up , polish them if you like (you don’t have to go get a 60$ mani but hey .. if it is an excuse to get one then by all means.. do it up ) but please no nasty chipped nail polish or dirty nails…and if you are wanting to flash off a beautiful ring (even if it is not an engagement session ) having it cleaned is never a bad idea
  • Accessories! … LOVE THEM.! scarves, chunky jewellery, mittens, hats, blankets etc… you can not go wrong here.. I love getting to dig through other peoples lovely trinkets at a session .. I’m kind of like a crow.. drawn to shiny things


Can we bring our dog?

  •  I am a dog lover.. we get asked all the time if people can bring their pet to the session… My first thought is always YES of course.. BUT… please consider where we will be shooting… and what the weather will be like. Typically someones pet is in one or two shots and that is about it.. and sessions can last over an hour so if it is too hot out and the pet can’t safely stay in the vehicle then I would recommend we plan around that and have someone else attend to help with the pet or bring them home after they are done.


How should I do my hair/makeup?

  • Please don’t go out and book a glam session at the salon and spend 300$ getting all dolled up… I recommend having your hair done like you would on most days .. you can get some help but don’t go and do a formal hairdo at a salon… this won’t look natural … its best to look like you. as for makeup… I am obsessed with eyelashes.. thats all i need to say… they look amazing in photos if you are lucky enough to have them naturally… i am a tad envious.. if you are like me and need a bit of help…. falsies always look great (just make sure you get help if you have never used them before and don’t go TOO crazy as they can start to look cartoonie if you get too FULL or LONG 🙂

For the Kiddos

  • Parents please know that your darling children will likely not last the full hour! Don’t sweat it… we try to take “breaks” to run around and have some fun… which usually allow us to capture the cutest natural photos of your family.
  • Try to have a “reward” planned for young kids for after photos are done. We typically bring treats (both edible and non) to coax a smile and  cooperation but if we have you guys backing us up its always helpful.


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